Nearly there…

  We’re taking a well deserved break this evening, thanks Dad for putting on a bbq for us. Both houses are ready for the removalists and mine just has a few cupboards to finish off later next week. 

We still have quite a bit of shed stuff to move from my place but hopefully we will knock it over quickly. 

Then the fun of cleaning my rental begins and getting Karen’s place ready for sale and unpacking all our stuff and dealing with the overgrown gardens and paddocks that have got away over Christmas and settling the animals into their new home and working out buses for Nick and finding work (for me) and returning to work for Kaz and shit, why did we do this?

Lol, oh well, as much as we are exhausted and there is so much more to do, I’m really glad we finally made the decision to move in together. 

Can’t wait till Tuesday night, first one in our new home and as for the rest, I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy the process. 

Right now I’m doing just that. I’m sitting on the front steps, taking in the view of the Dial Range and enjoying the shade and the cool breeze. 

Hope everyone is well wherever you are xx





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