Blogging101 – Day 3: Say hello

Today’s assignment: follow five new tags in the Reader and five new blogs.

Fond Impertinance – “This is a blog about liberty, justice, society, science, and, often, the language we use to discuss them. I also sometimes stray onto other things that strike my fancy, like rocks”, by JSD
I found this blog after searching the tag ‘wilderness’. I loved the few posts I read, definitely worth a look.

Ken Bennison’s Photography beautiful wilderness photography from Northern Ontario, another one I found by searching the wilderness tag.

The Trailhead This blog came up under the tag for wildlife. Some really great photography and interesting stories. I particularly like this one

Uncle Spikes Adventures This is another one that popped up under the wildlife tag. It’s a pretty expansive blog and I haven’t had a chance to do it justice yet but aside from the interesting looking Blog Guide, what drew me in was the way Uncle Spike has formatted the blog. There is a lot to learn from this one if you’re new to blogging.

Brevity While Brevity (the magazine) publishes the finest examples of flash nonfiction we can find, the Brevity Blog is the place to discuss the business of writing, editing, and publishing, the writing life, career and inspiration, the ongoing struggle to believe in our writing, favorite books (including classics) and favorite essays, conference panels, etcetera. Keep these in the 500 to 1,000 word range, please.
I found this one on the Discover tag and it looks like it’s definitely worth checking out. Looking forward to being settled in to our new home so I can spend more time perusing all the wonderful blogs I keep coming across.




8 thoughts on “Blogging101 – Day 3: Say hello

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    • Hi there, I’d be happy to run through it with you. I’m currently packing to move house so it might a little while till I get a chance though. I’m hoping to get to some writing later tonight so will do it then if I can 😊


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