New habits die hard too

Wow! Two weeks ago I put up my first, ‘I’m back’ post and my intention at the time was to go back to doing a daily gratitude post. I would have thought that after a year of posting every day that I would pick the habit up again without any problems but that hasn’t been the case at all. It looks like I’m back to square one again and will have to really make a concerted effort to remember to jump online and write again.

In some ways it is a relief realising how quickly I lost the habit of writing every day as it has reminded me that developing a new habit and keeping it, doesn’t just take repetition, it also requires commitment and consistency. My psych has been trying to talk me into doing a six week mindfulness program that requires me to put aside 2 x 30 minutes a day. So far I’ve managed to do Week 1, three times and Week 2 twice as I find that after a three or four days I suddenly forget all about it and by the time I remember I have to start all over. The author is adamant that the only way to succeed is to do the program consistently.

It’s not that I have any particular issue with mindfulness. I’ve been aware of the benefits for years and have implemented a lot of the theory into my daily life already. It’s just that I haven’t been able to make a firm commitment to giving myself the time each day to focus on the program.

I’d much rather be writing or gardening than sitting still breathing and doing body scans lol and if I was doing other productive things like writing I probably wouldn’t be so hard on myself. What I’ve noticed though is that I spend way too much time procrastinating and doing nothing. My head is saying I should be doing……………. instead of ……………… so I find myself resisting and doing nothing or nothing of any value.

Anyway, I’m back again and determined to try and find the passion and commitment that I had during my Year of Gratitude. Hopefully it might rub off on a few other areas too 🙂

Today I am grateful for:

Love and all the wondrous things that have come from loving and being loved by so many beautiful people.

Our new home, our little patch of paradise.

My current home, 16 years have seen a lot of joy and sorrow and it will be hard to leave but I am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to stay in one place for so long.

Packing, finally a good reason to start sorting through 16 years of accumulated stuff.

Free pots, (thanks TIA) I’ve potted up 52 garlic plants, three strawberries, tomatoes, herbs and am about to repot six English Oaks.

Pollyanna Grows Up ( I read this the other day and laughed so much)

The Running Man (I read this yesterday and laughed and cried all the way through. Beautiful story)

And while I know I could go on for hours, the last one for today is

Opportunity and Choice

Life is good.




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