Some days are diamonds…

26 July

Some days really are diamonds and today has been one of them.

I have really struggled to motivate myself to start writing on a daily basis and even though I know all the benefits that come with making myself write every day, I still find myself staring at a blank screen or worse, completely avoiding opening up a page that would allow me to start.

Not today.

Today I came across a site called 750 words. It’s basically an online journal that encourages you to download your thoughts each day. It’s private, so you can just ramble away, but by making the 750 word count each day you have the opportunity to earn ‘rewards’ as well as the satisfaction of seeing the blog stats grow as you achieve your goals each day.

They also offer challenges each month to help keep you motivated. Given how hard I have found it to get back into my writing I thought this was as good a place to start as any.

I’ve missed the challenge of my Year of Gratitude; knowing that there were people waiting to see what I wrote helped keep me motivated and when that year ended I was at a real loss as to where to go next.

So today I started something new.

I’ve entered just over 1000 words on my first journal entry and this inspired me to do some more work on my blog. It also inspired me to write this post.

Today I am grateful for people who create sites like 750 words, for friends who point me in the right direction and for taking the time to pay attention to the things I love, the things that silently pull at my heart.




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