…….Write or Wrong?

In a world of political correctness,

where a single word can land you in jail,

is it any wonder the people baulk;

take their pens to the streets and avail

themselves of the only medium

that isn’t censored?


Image 1 – http://www.designwars.com

Image 2 – http://www.noupe.com

Featured image – http://www.apictureofpolitics.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/follow-your-dreams.jpg

Written in response to Poetry101 Day 8: Graffitti




6 thoughts on “…….Write or Wrong?

  1. Thanks, it was an interesting prompt. So many ways to address it as I’m seeing by all the posts flooding in. I did laugh when I read your Graffiti post. I’d be too scared to write on a real wall lol


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