I love you this much [………]

My Beloved

I’ve heard it said a thousand times
“I love you more than the stars”
“More than the grains of sand”
“To the moon and back, or planets far”.

And to start with I would say these things,
To express my thoughts of you.
But I’ve often thought, that’s not enough,
I wanted something new.

We started saying silly things,
like more than atoms and quarks,
And oft the words would leave us
giggling, we must have sounded daft.

Soon our love would wander
Into realms of time and space,
Is eternity enough I thought?
When I looked upon your face.

Numbers and infinity,
of course, that never ends
and you said that it exists between
the smallest pair of them.

I don’t get it? Please explain,
a puzzled look upon my face.
“Between the zero and the one,
is an infinite amount of space”.

Infinitesimal numbers within
Each number that we ken,
Surely that describes our love?
A love that never ends.

My fingers brushed against her face,
as I looked into her eyes,
I knew that this was so much more,
And we both began to cry.

I thought of what she meant to me,
while fingers rested on her skin.
And realised that no number could
describe the love within.

This much I said, I love you,
it encompasses all we are,
Every number, every grain of sand,
Every atom, quark and star.

And she looked upon my finger
spaced out gently from my thumb,
She lifted hers to do the same,
and we knew our search was done.

© Annie Whitehead 2015

this much

Image copyright © Annie Whitehead 2015

Written in response to Poetry101 Day 7: Beloved




9 thoughts on “I love you this much [………]

  1. It’s a deeply tender poem, Annie! Nicely rhymed, but that’s just the surface of it — the poem is full of rich love. I love how you go from the macro to the micro, from the infinite to the infinitesimal. Beautiful!
    Thank you for writing such a lovely response to the prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

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