It only takes a second

I said, “hey, how you going?”
when we met along the way.
Ok, you said, the topic changed,
I told you of my day.

I watched you as we chatted
And a little note of fear,
Kept whispering, there’s something wrong
Into my listening ear.

I wondered if you were alright,
but didn’t stop to ask,
Busy catching up on stuff,
too soon the moment passed.

Should I call, I thought,
As I lay in bed that night?
Nah, it’s too late, I let it go,
I’m sure she’ll be alright.

A phone call woke me from my rest,
She’s dead, the voices screamed.
Too shocked to speak, I thought
that surely this was all a dream.

But the truth was hard and brutal
On that cemetery drive,
and I often wonder, had I asked,
would she still be alive?

It only takes a second,
to say, “Are you ok?”
To put aside your busy life
For someone else today.

It only takes a second,
To show them that you care,
To let them know, they’re not alone
And that there’s someone there.

© Annie Whitehead 2015

Written in response to Writing101: Poetry – Day 4: Seconds





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