Lost in words.

Lost in this place that drifts through my mind
I search for the reasons that brought me here time
after time and again
I find myself,


A dream unravelling, twists and turns inside
a story that cries to be born and yet,
I find that each corner brings me back
to the same place I was,


Which way to turn? The words come softly like
a breath of wind caressing my mind, drifting down
pathways long forgotten and sweeping away
the dusty cobwebs,

I find.

The gentle drift of rain falls upon the
window of my soul and cleanses my thoughts, too
dry and dusty with age and misuse,
I search within,


Reflections of life, drift slowly by,
this story, holds me in its loving embrace and I
cling to the memories, assured of the
warmth that I find,

In Words.

© Annie Whitehead 2015

Written in response to Writing 101, Poetry: Day 2 Reflections




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